Written by ReutersRome. Italy. Since 2019, archaeologists from Italy have been searching the ruins of an old bathhouse in the mud.Jacopo Tabolli, an assistant professor at the University for Foreigners, in Siena, said that the discovery was “very significant, extraordinary.” He also noted that archaeologists have been exploring the ruins of an ancient bathhouse since 2019. Credit: Ministero della Cultura/ReutersTabolli said the statues, depicting Hygieia, Apollo and other Greco-Roman divinities, used to adorn a sanctuary before they were immersed in thermal waters, in a sort of ritual, “probably around the 1st century AD.Credit: Ministero della Cultura/Reuters Credit: Ministero della Cultura/Reuters. The statues were covered in almost 6,000 gold, silver, and bronze coins. San Casciano’s hot muddy water helped to preserve them. Gennaro Sangiuliano, Culture Minister, stated that the “exceptional discovery… confirms once more that Italy is a country full of incredible and unique treasures.”The ministry stated that the statues were taken to a nearby restoration laboratory, but would eventually be displayed in a new museum in San Casciano.

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