By Kieran O’Sullivan: If rumor have been a river, would anybody discover its supply? The topography is obscure, the maps suspect. You would get misplaced on the market simply wanting.
However everyone is aware of that what begins as a obscure whisper usually ends in a rumor river at excessive flood.
A rumor is overseas. On the far-flung periphery of the boxing group, some lone and hardy on-line bloggers whisper it within the digital shadows: did Liam Smith cheat towards Eubank Jr?
Now earlier than you all throw your toys out of the pram, let’s take care of the essential reality Eubank Jr acquired his arse handed to him on Saturday night time on the Manchester AO Area. It was a radical shellacking. A beat down. Smith went in there and did the enterprise. Job completed.
Properly, rumor has it…
A Soiled Fighter?
Within the build-up to the combat, Eubank Jr taunted Smith, accusing him of being a ‘soiled fighter’ who makes use of his elbows and head to achieve an unfair benefit. Together with all of the crude verbiage exchanged – the homophobic slurs, the wedding slanders – Eubank’s fight-specific accusations acquired misplaced within the ugly mill. Smith laughed and denied he’s a unclean fighter. Eubank cooly smiled, a cocky, ‘you realize what I do know.’
However what do we all know? Can we take a look at the combat with a peaceful, goal eye devoid of bias and prejudice?

What The Joker Noticed
A peripheral blogger who goes by the unbelievable on-line moniker JokerfleckCast just lately posted a thirty-eight-second YouTube video that has garnered practically forty thousand views. Within the video, we see Eubank Jr backed into the nook; Smith throws what seems like a legit left hook which seems, on shut viewing, to be a deliberate elbow. Vicious. Thrown with intent.
Or not. It’s a combat – shield your self always. Liam throws a left hook. Eubank geese. Too late. Will get tagged.
Finish of story?
Exhibit A: The Muay Thai Elbow?
Anybody who has watched these males of metal, the Muay Thai fighters, will know the way a talented Thai fighter will usually disguise an elbow as a hook. After they land accurately, these elbow photographs are devastating: all that muscled poundage and sinewed leverage turns into concentrated on the sharp finish of a bony elbow – it’s a tough recreation.
However with completely different guidelines.
Backed into the nook, beneath fireplace, Eubank geese as Liam Smith throws a left hook.
After which one thing unusual occurs.
Liam’s hook goes all Muay Thai. The forearm – usually on the horizontal aircraft when thrown accurately – ends on a steeply vertical line, the gloved hand excessive, the elbow connecting full drive slightly below Eubank’s proper eye.
Below the brute drive of the blow, Eubank’s legs dip, thereby opening him as much as a mixed assault straight out of the copybook.
The consequence? A damaged Eubank staggering throughout the ring, his profession in ruins.
The Tremendous Welt And The Tremendous Welter
Publish-fight, everybody may see the injury within the form of an enormous welt mushrooming beneath Eubank’s proper eye. Uncommon, to say the least.
Nearly as if Eubank Jr had been illegally bludgeoned with a bony elbow thrown full drive?
Liam Smith, an excellent welterweight climbing up the ranks to middleweight, managed to do what nobody else has ever completed to Eubank Jr.
Yeah, he put him down – everyone knows that.
But one way or the other, the previous tremendous welterweight administered an excellent welt hardly ever seen within the ring, not to mention towards a tough man like Eubank.
When Roy Jones Jr Speaks…
When Roy Jones Jr speaks, the dishonest rumor gathers velocity and momentum. Responding to Eddie Hearn’s criticism of Jones’ coaching acumen, Jones posted on Instagram:
“All boxers! Keep away from Roy Jones Jr as a coach! By no means thoughts this elbow. Simply keep away from him. Rattling, If I can take all that away from a fighter by way of coaching, no marvel I raised a lot hell in my day! That nearly feels like Godly qualities, And I’m nowhere close to what God is!”
The killer line?
‘By no means thoughts the elbow.’
In a single line, we see the shaping of a rematch narrative. At present, the rumor is at low tide, however quickly we could witness the flood as Eubank Jr, and his legendary coach put it on Liam Smith at press conferences to come back.
We haven’t heard the final of this.
Women And Gents Of The Jury – Come up
Now it’s over to you, the jury. You’ve heard the arguments.
Is Liam Smith a person of honor who gained the competition inside the guidelines proving to all who watched that he’s the higher man?
Or is Eubank Jr the sufferer of an unlawful, calculated assault, an assault shredding each popularity and honor, leaving him to rely the price of a damaged profession?
You resolve.

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