By Charles Brun Eddie Hearn, the promoter, claims that Montana Love, the light welterweight fighter, deliberately pushed Steve Spark from the ring, leading to a sixth round disqualification by Dave Fields, Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, Cleveland.
(Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom/Melina Pizano/Matchroom).
After suffering a cut to his left eye in round six, Love (18-1-1 and 9 KOs), pushed Spark, and appeared to have shoved him out the ring. Fields disqualified him.
What made it look intentional on Love’s part is that he was still pushing down on Spark while leaning over the ropes as the Australian fighter was falling.
The Ohio commission will be reviewing, and they’ll take a look at the replay in slow motion to see what the viewer at home saw.

Even if they overturn the referee Field’s ruling and say it was no contest, which would be a big stretch, there’s no ignoring the fact that Montana looked unimpressive throughout and not the type of fighter that you would favor against the top five guys in the 140-lb division.
You can argue that Love looked awful, but there are at least seven other fighters in the same weight class who could have beaten him tonight.  We saw that Spark had Love on the ground in the second round. He also hurt Love on a few occasions.
Hearn said after the fight, “it was a bad decision,” and plans on appealing it to have Love’s loss overturned. “Montana was rough, but he didn’t intentionally throw him out of the ring, Steve returned to the ring and wanted more fights.
“Referees have a tough job, but that was a poor decision, and one made too quickly,” continued Hearn.
“It was turning into a great fight; the commission will review it; I would love to do it again.”
Either way, there’s got to be a rematch because Love can’t walk away from this performance without trying to improve on the situation against Spark.
Of course, if you look at Love’s performance tonight with foresight, it would be smarter if Hearn high-tailed it out of there and kept his badly vulnerable fighter protected from Spark because the fight was heading in the wrong direction.
If you had your eyes open, Love was getting hit more and more by the heavy-handed Spark, and it was obvious that he couldn’t handle his power. Spark was too powerful to handle Love and he was falling apart.
It would be wise for Hearn to jettison Love and get rid of him like a bad habit because he’s got no future in the 140 lb division unless he’s matched carefully against strictly beatable fighters.

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