DEEP within the mountains of southern Italy, there lies a village so cursed that locals do not converse its identify.

The city of Colobraro has been the centre of horrifying tales about deformed births, automobile accidents and pure disasters.


Locals and guests do not say the identify of the cursed townCredit: Alamy


Colobraro has been the centre of a number of horrifying storiesCredit: Journey Advisor


Witches are stated to dwell within the villageCredit: Alamy

It is stated police will not punish guests who velocity by way of the city out of worry of being cursed.

The tales started within the early 1900s, when a cocky lawyer named Biagio Virgilio, who had by no means misplaced a case, made a giant declare.

He reportedly stated: “If what I say is fake, could this chandelier come down.”

“These spooky issues solely occur to individuals who come right here for the primary time of their lives and who consider within the omen.”

The dangerous luck story was exacerbated by rumours of “masciare”, or witches, who had been believed to have magical abilites – and Colobraro turned a “witches lair”.

Those that thought they had been below a curse would ask the masciares to heal them.

The “witches” used a mixture of salt, coal and water and would rub it on the affected individual’s brow earlier than throwing the contaminated water on a crossroads.

Whoever then walked throughout the roads was believed to be struck down by the curse.

In years following, tales of infants born with two hearts and three lungs unfold panic by way of the encircling villages.

Even these in neighbouring villages name it “Cudd Pais”, which suggests “that village” – and rapidly knock on wooden to deflect dangerous luck.

Automobile wrecks, landslides and extra have additionally struck the picturesque village – however the curse appears to solely have an effect on guests.

As quickly as he uttered the phrases, the chandelier above his head plummeted down and killed him – and Virgilio turned synonymous with dangerous omens, casting a depraved hex upon the city.

Native Elena di Napoli informed The Italian Tribune: “In fact, contemplating my ancestry I’m proof against the jinx.

Different locals do not consider within the hex, like Matteo, who informed the BBC: “Don Biagio Virgilio? In fact, I do keep in mind him! The misfortune? Of us made it up. He didn’t deliver dangerous luck.”

Even the village’s identify has an eerie background – it comes from the phrase “coluber”, which suggests snakes, and a few locals say it is a spot “the place evil presences dwell.”

Regardless of the terrifying tales, guests are lured to the village every year the place locals exhibit the city’s historical past.

Every August, Colobraro hosts a avenue present stuffed with witches, masciare, werewolves and extra.

And any guests who dare make the journey for the occasion are given a particular amulet to guard them towards the curse.

One other Italian island is regarded as the world’s most haunted, and is even nicknamed the “Island of Ghosts” as a result of its grizzly previous.

Folks had been dragged kicking and screaming to the island in the event that they confirmed even the slightest signs of the Black Demise, in accordance with native tales.

The 18-acre plot was additionally used as a mass burial floor, the place some 160,000 victims are thought to have been burned to cease the unfold of the illness.

It has been stated that even to today, human ash from these cremations make up greater than 50 per cent of the island’s soil.


Hidden within the hills of Italy is a cursed villageCredit: Alamy

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