Berlin, Germany – AGON Sports returned to the AGON Sportspark (actually, a tennis court) for tonight’s show. It was streamed live on the AGON network.
Jack Culcay, IBF # 2, junior middle “Golden”, Jack Culcay (32-4), was busy with an eight-rounder against Damiano Facinelli (15-2). Culcay’s experience and class showed as he won the fight. Falcinelli, however, gave it all he had and fought in long bursts with wild punches. Some hooks caught the former world champion, but he kept his cool and kept the body in check.
Culcay, however, was forced to give all he had in a highly entertaining fight. Culcay won 80-72 at BoxingScene, but the judges scored it closer at 79-73, 77-75, and 79-76. This means that the many clean punches that “Golden Jack”, scored with, didn’t count.

William Scull (20-0), IBF #1 super middleweight and mandatory competitor for Saul Alvarez (226-26-3), received a great workout from Abel Adriel (26-26-3), who won a unanimous victory after eight rounds. Adriel was in it for survival and did well while Scull seemed content to get rounds under his belt.
Granit Shala (13-0), a big heavyweight, showed again his skills, but also that he’s not a puncher. He outscored Luis Jose Marin Garcia (9-4), a Venezuelan based in Ecuador, over ten. Garcia was injured in the fifth round and also sustained a cut with wild swings that never got landed.
Farlin Condori (5-1), a Spanish super bantamweight, made his debut for AGON. He outscored tough Italian Luca Genovese (4-19-5, a former Muy Thai fighter), by more than six.
At 1.18 of the third, cruiserweight Tahir Karovic (19-1) stopped Attila Koros (16-31-1), the Hungarian journeyman. Koros was beaten twice in the third round. After what looked like an accident clash of heads, the ringside physician declared Koros out. Koros and Karovic fought it out against the bigger Karovic a/k/a Tommy Punch.
Welterweight Nathanael Lukoki (7-1), beat Pole Jakub Laskowski (4-19-1), in an eight-round fast-paced bout that was never stopped by his opponent. Laskowski kept switching to southpaw and back, giving the young prospect a great learning fight.

Middleweight Thomas Piccirillo (11-0-4), won unanimously over Nourredine El Goumi (4-13-1), to open the show. Piccirillo won the first and fourth rounds, but El Goumi was defeated in the second and fourth. Piccirillo will now challenge stable mate Bjorn Schick for the EU title.

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