Mauricio Pochettino criticizes PSG’s transfer policies, saying that too many players ‘need’ to be number one. He also accused the club of signing too much big names who all want the job of being the team’s star player, making it difficult for managers. Relevo said that he believes it was necessary to adapt to the “too much greatness” of the club. “For Barça to have [Lionel] Messi or Madrid to have Cristiano [Ronaldo] It is a blessing. It can lead to confusion when too many players are trying to be number one.”When you play, there are 11 people with one ball. The penalty was assessed, and who took it? It is not the coach’s decision.”There is no manual or explanation, but the experience from when we were there is available.”The most obvious example Pochettino refers to is the PSG frontline. Reports suggest that Neymar and Kylian Mbappe have argued on several occasions this seasn. However, Pochettino acknowledged that it is an issue elsewhere in squad.[They have Keylor] Navas and [Gianluigi] Donnarumma. Two number ones in the exact same position,” he stated.

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