A CHILD genius has claimed that he is from Mars, and has come to save Earth from a nuclear disaster.
Boris Kipriyanovich, from the Volgograd region of Russia, has left researchers who have studied him baffled over his apparent outlandish claims – both about the past and the future.
3Boris claims he isn’t the only one originally from MarsCredit YouTube/Project Camelot
Boriska Kipriyanovich, a 3Russian genius, claims that he lived on Mars before being reborn on Earth. Credit: YouTube/Project Camelot
His mother has claimed she knew something was unusual about “Boriska” (or Little Boris) when she was giving birth to him on January 11, 1996.
She said: “It all happened so fast that I didn’t even feel pain. The child was shown to me and he looked at me like an adult.
“As a doctor, I knew that babies’ eyes cannot focus on objects. However, my small child was looking at me with his big brown eyes.”
He was only four months old when he was able to say simple words, while at eight months he could speak simple sentences.

When he was one year old he could read simple newspaper headlines, it’s been claimed.
Boris is also believed to have extraordinary psychic abilities. His parents initially worried about him, but they soon realized that their son wasn’t an ordinary child. He was, in fact, a divine child with a remarkable brain.
He is believed to be particularly interested in celestial bodies and speaks about strange astronomical phenomena.
He has apparently revealed extensive knowledge about Mars, planetary system and unknown extra-terrestrial object.

At the age of two, he was said to have incredible language skills. He began talking about the universe at the age of three.
According to reports, the youngster talked about his life on Mars and claimed that the Martian civilisation was so advanced that they can travel across the galaxy.
Boris says Martians live underground due to radiation damage from nuclear war.
Boriska claimed that he isn’t the only child from outer space who lives on Earth. He said that others are sent to Earth with the same mission as him to save humanity.
The youngsters are said to all be reincarnations who are known as the “Indigo Children” who possess supernatural powers and were able to survive the Martian wars.
Boriska has also claimed this isn’t his first time on Earth and has visited on numerous occasions and has talked about various prehistoric events.
He believes he visited Earth during the Lemurian era – said to be a prehistoric civilisation on the hypothetical lost continent of Lemuria, situated in what is now the Indian Ocean.
Philip Schlater, a Zoologist from Philadelphia, first suggested the idea of a continent lost in the region in 1864. Occultists later took up the idea that it was the ancestral home to humans.
However, scientists in the 20th century proved that this belief was a myth and that there was no lost continent.
Boris even described his spacecraft design.
He said: “It has six layers with the outer layer made from 25 per cent solid metal, the second layer is 30 per cent something like rubber while the third layer is 30 per cent metal.
“The last four per cent consists of a special magnetic layer.
“If we were to energise this magnetic layer, these machines would be able to fly anywhere in the universe.”
Boris stated that Martians cannot breathe oxygen as it ages and claimed they are still young for about 30-35 years.
His aura is believed to have been photographed by specialists from the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere, and Radio Waves of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
An orange spectrogram indicates that he is a happy person. It is an indication that he was not mentally unstable or a mental patient.
His current location and the disappearance of his mother are still unknown.
All attempts by western journalists to track him have failed.
One Russian associate said that Boris lived in a remote village now under the protection of Russia and that any attempt to contact him would fail.

Others claim that he is in Moscow.
Numerous psychics claim they were able to communicate with Boriska via their minds. He told them that he was in remote locations with his mum and that everything was fine.
3His wisdom is a mystery to scientists all over the world. Credit: YouTube/Project Camelot

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