By Charles Brun Ricky Hatton weighed in at 159.9 lbs, and his opponent, former three-division world champion Marco Antonio Barrera weighed in at 161 lbs at Friday’s weigh-in for their exhibition match on Saturday night in Manchester.
Barrera, 48 years old, looked more youthful than Hatton and was in better physical condition. Hatton had a lot of loose skin hanging from his jowls, but he still looked 100% better than the hefty, flabby-shaped ex-champion he’s been since he retired from boxing in 2012.
Hatton, a former two-division champion, looked significantly slimmer than the 200+ lbs he reportedly weighed at the beginning of his training for his exhibition against Barrera (67-7 and 44 KOs).
Hatton has always been good at losing huge amounts of weight during training camps, and it’s admirable that he can still trim down after a decade of abusing his body with rich food and drink.
According to celebrity net worth, Hatton’s net worth is $40 MillionThis could explain why he left the sport in 2012, after returning to the ring after a three-year absence to fight Vyacheslav Senchenko.
With that kind of money, it’s not a shock that Hatton has resisted the idea of making a comeback for the last ten years.
It would have been interesting if Hatton could have trimmed down an extra 20 lbs to get down to his old weight of 140 lbs for the Barrera fight, but if that were to happen, you’d see a lot of loose skin around his face.
It’s unclear how much weight Hatton had to lose to get to 159.9, but it’s likely at least 50+ lbs. To get to 140, Hatton might have to lose an additional 20 lbs.
Hatton should be able to fight again in a real fight against an actual professional fighter. Hatton may only be interested in exhibition fights. A rematch with Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather would be a great fight.
Pacquiao, 43, hasn’t been out of the sport long enough for Hatton to have any chance of beating him, and he likely be knocked out again if the Filipino star fought at full throttle.

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