Posted by Sean Crose, 11/12/2022
The 22-0 Seniesa Estrada put her WBA women’s minimumweight title on the line Saturday against the 6-1-2 Jazmin Villarino in a scheduled 10 round battle that went down at the Palms Casino Resort in Vegas. Although the first round was relatively uneventful Estrada was determinedly trying to get in on Villarino. Estrada was able to cut off the ring in the second round. Each woman threw well in the third round, but Villarino may have done more damage.
Photo: Top Rank
In the fourth round, Estrada seemed to rock Villarino, but the aggressive challenger continued to make a fight of it. The fifth round was very close. The sixth round was much the same as the first half. Villarino was the aggressor, while Estrada was more successful. The seventh round was intense. The eighth once again illustrated Estrada’s superior punching, as she landed far more cleanly than the determined Villarino.
Although still determined, Villarino didn’t have the energy in the ninth that she had showcased earlier in the fight. This wasn’t surprising, but it allowed Estrada the chance to fire away without as much of a threat of incoming punches. Villarino went for broke in the tenth round. It wasn’t enough. Estrada walked out with the WBA title in her hand and another win on her record.

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