MEMBERS of Putin’s brutal private army are believed to have beaten a Russian conscript to death using a sledgehammer after he joined the Ukraine army.
Convicted murderer Yevgeny Nuzhin, 55, is seen being smashed in the face with a sledgehammer in a barbaric uncensored video in what is deemed an extrajudicial killing by the notorious Wagner group.
Yevgeny Nuzhin, a 4Russian conscript, is believed to have been killed ‘for traithery’ after he went to fight for Ukraine. Credit: Twitter/@nexta_tv/
4Yevgeny Prigozhin, right, is a close ally of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin and thought to head up the Wagner groupCredit: East2West
He is thought to have been killed “for treachery”.
Reports in September indicated that the convicted murderer had fled to Ukraine shortly after arriving at the front to fight for Vladimir Putin.
He spoke on video at the time saying he had felt like “cannon fodder” in the Russian forces.
Yury Butusov, a Ukrainian journalist, told him that he had made a decision in advance to surrender to Ukraine where some of his relatives live.

Grey Zone, a proRussia source, said that he was later kidnapped from Moscow by pro-Moscow forces. He was made to answer Wagner, which is headed by Yevgeny Prizohin, a close Putin crony.
The media outlet posted the graphic and grotesque video, calling it: “Hammer of Vengeance.”
Seconds before the evident fatal blow to his head, Nuzhin said: “I am Yevgeny Anatolievich Nuzhin, born in 1967, who went to the front to go to the side of Ukraine to fight against the Russians.
“On 4 September, I carried out my plan to go over to the side of Ukraine.

“On 11 November 2022, I was on the streets of Kyiv, where received a blow to the head, as a result of which I lost consciousness.
“I woke up in this basement, where I was told that I was going to be tried.”
He is then struck with a long-handled mallet and, after falling backwards, is struck again.
“Those who understand know that a sledgehammer and traitors have a close relationship,” said the pro-Wagner Grey Zone Telegram channel.
Founder of the military charity Dzyga’s Paw Dimko Zhluktenko, who claims to have known Nuzhin, wrote on Twitter: “That is why this morning is very tough for me mentally.
“Because of indefinite cruelty and violence is what Russia is all about.
“This man, Evgeny, was a Russian prisoner of war in Ukraine.
“These are last seconds of his life. I know him and talked to him.”
In a later post he added: “PMC Wagner murdered him with gigantic sledgehammer hitting his head – because he became POW. That’s beyond violent.”
He continued: “PMC Wagner claimed full responsibility for this footage – it’s what they do to the exchanged prisoners.
“Pure, pure evil – is what Russia is, even for Russians.”
Wagner and Progozhin both threatened deserters or traitors with summary executions, even though they were illegal under Russian law.
The group has enlisted tens of thousands jail inmates to fight in Russia’s illegal war with Ukraine. However, those who refuse have been warned that they will face swift vengeance.
Some aspects of this story are still unclear. For example, how Nuzhin is rumored to have returned to Russia.
The claim that he was kidnapped in Kyiv by Wagner agents seems unlikely, but Wagner may have made it so that other fighters would be aware.
“Suddenly disappearing from the investigation in Kyiv, the traitor received traditional primordial Wagnerian punishment,” stated Grey Zone., a Russian prisoner rights group, strongly believes that the shocking footage is authentic.
“Nuzhin was in a strict regime colony [in Russia and…] He was recruited by [Putin fixer and Wagner-founder] Yevgeny Privozhin was almost immediately taken hostage [by Ukraine],” said a post by the group.
“Some time later he did an interview – watched more than eight million times, and said he decided to fight for Ukraine.
“According to our sources, Nuzhin was either re-captured, or passed back to the Russian army, who passed him on to the so-called Wagner Security Service.”
The officers of this sinister private army security service “killed this man with a sledgehammer as a way of revenge for his critics of Putin, and for switching to the side of Ukraine.”
The footage “proves” that Russian special services and Wagner’s ‘security service’ carry extrajudicial executions, and kill prisoners who refuse to fight for Russia, but want to switch to Ukraine”.
It concluded: “Putin and Prigozhin are murderers. They must face justice.”
Former Putin speechwriter Abbas Galyamov said the footage would damage Prigozhin who is said to want to become Russia’s defence minister.
“People would not want to see a person, organising public medieval executions, in power,” he said..
“He also did a very bad service to the regime with that.”
For 1999 killing and wounding of a second victim, Nuzhin was imprisoned for 24 Years.
He had been released after a visit by Putin’s henchman Prigozhin to his prison in Ryazan region.
He told the Ukrainian journalist: “We were in training for seven days, the 7th squad was an assault unit…
“I don’t even know how to explain the task of assault squads, I realised for myself – cannon fodder.
“You do something wrong – they zero out, it’s called a firing squad.”
He said that he defected because it was impossible to go to war with his relatives in Ukraine.
Nuzhin had been jailed to Olga, and the couple has two sons who were in the Russian army.
As a young man, the murderer had also served in military service.
A notorious Russian mobster was reportedly executed last month after he tried to flee the frontline.
Zaur Aliyev, 47, released under a controversial scheme which saw him sign up for mad Vlad’s private army the Wagner Group, was executed after trying to desert in Ukraine.

The crime boss was serving an 18-year sentence at one of Russia’s infamous penal colonies when he was freed in September under the scheme.
Prigozhin, a close ally of the Russian president, announced the scheme in September, which offers murderers and other hardened criminals their freedom in return for six months of fighting on the frontline.
4Nuzhin speaks to the camera before his brutal death. Credit: Twitter/@igorsushko
4Prigozhin’s scheme gives Russia’s most hardened criminals the chance to fight on the frontline in return for having their criminal records erased. Credit: AP

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