By Vince D’Wrier: The November 12 main DAZN Event was supposed be a hometown celebration for Montana Love of Cleveland. But in the sixth round, Love shoved Steve Spark across the top rope and the referee disqualified Love at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, Cleveland, Ohio.
Montana Love, a super lightweight contender, was undefeated and would have defeated his opponent. This win would have opened the door to a possible matchup between Love with Richardson Hitchins, the co-feature bout winner. Unfortunately for Love, his opponent Steve Spark didn’t get the memo because Spark came to Cleveland to win.

Both boxers were cautious in the first round. They used feints, the jab and tried to establish distance. The speed difference was evident when Montana Love landed two flush power shots at the halfway point of the first round.
In the second round, Steve Spark, an Australian, came out trying to set the tone with pressure, but Love was able land more clean counter shots. Spark kept pressing forward and landed a big right-hand that sent Love to the canvas.
Montana Love survived the second round. He continued to unleash his aggression in the third round, keeping the fight in central of the ring. Love continued to counter Spark in the fourth round. However, Steve Spark had success near the end of round when he landed a few hard shots to Montana Love’s body.
Spark used his physicality against Love to pin him to the ropes in round 5. Spark fired shots to Love’s body, and then he came back up top and caught Love with a big right hand to the head. Spark connected with Love with a few counter shots. However, he was able finish the round pressing forward and landing his right hand.
Nine seconds into the sixth round both fighters lunged at the same time, and they had a clash of heads that opened up a cut over Love’s left eye. When Love went to the neutral corner to visit with the doctor, he admitted he couldn’t see, but he could still rumble. The doctor informed Love that he would be watching him for a moment, and then the fight continued.
Spark and Love attacked each other aggressively when the fight resumed. Spark threw an elbow shot while they were still in the middle of the ring. Love moved under the left and began to lower his shoulder to force Spark onto the ropes. Love used his left hand to push Spark over top rope, while clenching against the ropes.
Spark was able to land on his feet and got back into the ring. However, the referee disqualified the match. The hometown celebration was cut short when Montana Love lost his first match of his career. Steve Spark (16-2-14KOs) was awarded WBA intercontinental superlight championship belt.
Montana Love (18-1-1 (9 KOs), is currently credited with his first professional defeat. But Eddie Hearn, his promoter, plans to appeal Monday’s decision. If the decision is reaffirmed, the fight between Spark and Love will be declared a no match.

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