Posted 11/11/2022By Sean Crose
Sunny Edwards is an impressive fighter – a very impressive fighter. The IBF flyweight champion cruised past challenger Felix Alvarado Friday in Sheffield, England in a performance that was reminiscent of some of the sport’s more notable slicksters. The 19-0 Edwards didn’t appear to be in any danger, but there was no doubt that the aggressive 38-2 Alvarado had his moments. It suffices to say that Edwards was favored by the judges by scores of 115-113, 116-12, and 112-13.

“Every time I’m fighting, I’m trying to test myself, ” Edwards said after the match. “Felix Alvarado is a phenomenal puncher, so if I can sit there and mix it with him and I showed that I could, I showed that I could ride shots, take shots, and throw my own shots back, I can do it against anyone. He was a very, very hard puncher in there, but I would not be denied.”
With the game Alvarado out of the way Edwards made it clear he’s now looking towards the future. “I want the big fights,” Edwards claimed. “Martinez, he’s running scared, Bam Rodriguez, who promised me the fight next, come and get it.”

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