By Dan Ambrose: Teddy Atlas is concerned that the judges could give Canelo Alvarez ‘The Golden goose” If the two meet next May, a controversial decision will be made over Dmitry Bivol.
Atlas admits that he’s conflicted about whether WBA light heavyweight champion Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) should give Canelo a second shot because he feels the Mexican star hasn’t earned a rematch due to how one-sided their previous fight was last May.
It wasn’t a close fight, even though the three judges scored it 115-113 x 3. Atlas had it 10-2 or 11-1 in Bivol’s favor. There was nothing close about the fight in Atlas’ view, and Canelo has done nothing since to show that a rematch would be any different.
Canelo looked terrible when he beat Gennadiy Glovkin, 40 years old, on September 17th. Canelo came within striking distance of beating Golovkin, no matter how far he was from the top.
Where Atlas feels that Bivol should take the rematch with Canelo is of the huge pile of dough that he’ll make from the fight. Atlas believes Bivol should “grab while the grabbing is good,” scooping up the cash while it’s still there.
“These judges that want to give it to Canelo, you don’t have to give them an excuse. They were given an excuse. You’re the golden goose,” said Teddy Atlas to The Fight, talking about Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol.
“I don’t want to see A guy who has lost so convincingly should get another chance, and he didn’t earn it and get another shot at it when other fighters should get that shot and another shot at the system; another shot at the system where the judges can screw Bivol,” said Atlas about Canelo not deserving of Bivol rematch.
“I wouldn’t take that fight if I were Bivol,” said Ken Rideout. “The only reason you have to take it is because of the money involved. It’s incredible.
“I think if he can get Beterbiev and unify the titles and do everything he has to do. He could beat Beterbiev, and he would also be able to move weight classes. [175]. He’s cleaned out the division.
“I think Bivol would have one of the greatest light heavyweights careers in history if he unifies against Beterbiev and beats Canelo a second time. He’s going to have more money than he ever planned on having, and there’s nothing else left for him to prove short of changing weight classes. He doesn’t strike me as that type of guy.
“He’s very confident and comfortable about who he is. Why not win? You’ve proved everything, and you have enough money to live forever happily ever after. That would be an awesome way to go out,” said Rideout about Bivol.
“Again, show me a guy that turned down the money,” said Atlas. “What else would you do? You’ve got to take care of your family. You’ve got to think about the future. You’ve got to secure the future when you can.
“Most likely, that’s what it’s going to be. If Canelo’s people really want that fight,” said Atlas.
“I believe he does,” said Rideout about Canelo wanting a rematch with Bivol.
“That’ll wind up being the most simple thing in the world, money,” said Atlas. “The root of all evil, the root of all bad judgments in the world is money. Listen,  go grab the money because you might not ever get the chance again. Grab it while you can.
“Take care, secure your future for your family. That’s why you’re in this business. Do it, no doubt about it. My fear is that you won’t be able to do it. [Bivol] You might end up doing it at your own risk.
“This business, it’s not the fighters; it’s not the sport that can sometimes let you down. It’s the executives and the judges of the sport that can let you down, and that would be my worry,” said Atlas.
“I’m with you. I think that would be a real concern,” said Rideout. “Like I said, if he can get the fight with Beterbiev and beat him at this point if they’re going to try and rob him, they can maybe do, but if you can go out with all the belts and a big bag of money, see ya,” said Rideout about Bivol.

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