What is that this, a tv for ants? Mainly sure! The TinyTV 2, a Kickstarter challenge from the corporate that introduced us an excellent smaller Sport Boy, is among the smallest and cutest video gamers I’ve ever seen. Whereas it doesn’t have a set of rabbit ears to harness the airwaves, the one-inch 216×135-pixel tv is genuine in virtually each different approach — dials to regulate “channel” and quantity, a working speaker and energy button, even an infrared receiver for a tiny non-compulsory distant management (through Technabob).There’s a two-hour lithium-ion battery so you may take it on the go and a USB-C port for charging and knowledge. It’s all powered by a Raspberry Pi RP2040 laptop. And — get this — it emulates the expertise of “altering channels” by remembering your timestamp in every of the video information you preload on its included 8GB micro SD card, so it could actually seem to be you’re browsing stay tv. And since that’s clearly not sufficiently small, the corporate’s providing a TinyTV Mini as nicely, which shrinks down the concept right into a quantity of only one cubic inch. It’s received a 0.6-inch OLED display (as a substitute of IPS) at simply 64 x 64 pixels and a single hour of battery life.TinyTV 2 vs. TinyTV Mini. Picture: Tiny CircuitsBoth are at the moment accessible to again at Kickstarter for $50 every, and each include an app that’ll shrink your favourite video information all the way down to the suitable resolutions.Examined’s Norman Chan has a fantastic video exhibiting off the unique Tiny TV alongside each of the brand new variations, and you may see how a lot clearer the TinyTV 2 seems and sounds.Assuming the Kickstarter marketing campaign doesn’t run into any wrinkles — the Thumby appears to have gone nicely, transport over 10,000 items and now freely on sale — this might be a neater strategy to stay the tiny TV dream than rolling your personal mini Simpsons CRT. I simply funded it myself; I feel it’ll be a fantastic house for anime music movies. Listed here are a pair extra footage of the TinyTV Mini:

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