The NBA always brings it’s fair share of surprises each season. This year’s NBA season is no exception. There are many surprising teams that have surprised the media and fans. Even though the season is still young, it’s worth discussing these high-achieving teams and how they have tapped into their potential. Without further adieu, let’s delve in and take an in-depth look into the three most surprising NBA teams of the season so far.
Three Surprising NBA Teams for the Season 
Utah Jazz
This is the most obvious. The Jazz traded Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell to acquire Quin Snyder as their new head coach. This team is unlikely to be out of the playoffs despite all the changes. The one seed is a surprise. Lauri Markannen is a revelation, and the Jazz have former Sixth Man Of The Year, Jordan Clarkson, and All-Star Mike Connelly on their team.
Utah currently ranks second in points per games at 118.3 as well as fifth in assists per games at 28.1 Their winning record of 10-4 is due in large part to their high-powered offense. While Utah’s defense is currently middle of the pack, it is worth noting that we are still at the start of the season. It remains to be seen if the Jazz can sustain their success, but their start has been remarkable nonetheless.
Portland Trail Blazers
We shift our focus to another Northwest Division team, the Portland Trail Blazers. They were another team that few expected to be able to start the new regular-season. After trading C.J. Many thought Portland was in the midst of a rebuilding process after trading away C.J. Damian Lillard’s company had other ideas for this year.
The Trail Blazers currently sit in third place in Western Conference with a win/loss record of 9-4. Lillard is having a great career season, with averages 28.6 points, 5. assists, and a 30.8 percent 3-point shooting percentage. Lillard’s success has been made possible by the support cast. Jerami Hart and Josh Hart have been game-winners this year and the team seems as cohesive as ever. Chauncey, their head coach, is one of most brilliant basketball minds and has played a major part in the team’s surprising success.
Indiana Pacers 
The Indiana Pacers are one league’s most scrappy teams. Tyrese Hailston and Benedict Mathurin are great drivers, and Buddy Hield can shoot three-pointers like no other in the league. Rick Carlisle, a veteran coach who can get the best out of his team’s current players, is leading the team. Indiana is currently ranked sixth in Eastern Conference with a record of 6-6 wins-loss.
The Pacers have been able to win over teams such the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors. Even in losses, they have given rival teams a tough time. The Brooklyn Nets and the Denver Nuggets are two examples of such teams. The Pacers were thought to be one of the teams to be lost in NBA “no-man,” land this season (not good enough to make the postseason, not bad enough to get a high draft pick), but this squad has been one of the major surprising NBA teams thus far.

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