Russia’s bombing campaign to kill civilians in Ukraine
The British Ministry of Defence has provided some extra detail on Russia’s brutal bombing campaign in Ukraine.
The intel reads: “Since 10 October, Russia has attacked Ukraine with a campaign of strikes targeting electric power infrastructure. This action has been carried out in waves to date.
“The most recent intense strikes were on 31 October, which involved targeting hydroelectric dam facilities for the first time.
“The strikes have resulted in widespread damage to transmission stations and power plants. Parts of Ukraine have been experiencing both emergency and scheduled blackouts, with Kyiv particularly affected.
“Recoverability varies, and the impacts of strikes are unlikely to be felt uniformly
“Continued degradation of networks by Russian strikes will almost certainly have consequences for interlinked water and heating systems, that will be most significantly felt by the civilian population during winter, as demand increases.
“Russian strikes on power generation and transmission are having a disproportionate effect upon civilians in Ukraine, indiscriminately impacting critical functions such as healthcare and heating.
“The continued prioritisation of critical national infrastructure over military targets strongly implies Russian intent to strike at civilian morale.”

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