After the driver claimed it was racing to control, a speeding Tesla killed a schoolgirl and a motorbike rider.
Horror footage showed a white Model-Y speeding down a street in China’s southern Guangdong province, avoiding pedestrians and motorists, before smashing into an apartment building.
5The Tesla driver lost control when he tried to park outside of his family storeCredit : Weibo
5The driver, 55 years old, claimed that there was a problem with the brakes on his Model YCredit Weibo
5The moment that the Tesla crashed into a cyclistCredit : Weibo
5The Tesla traveled at high speed for over a mile before colliding into a buildingCredit to Weibo
Jimu News reports that a motorcyclist was killed and a high school student was injured in the crash on November 5. Jimu News also reports that three other people were hurt, including the Tesla driver.
Tesla denied the claims by the 55-year old driver.
The billionaire Elon Musk’s company owns it. It confirmed on Sunday that it was supporting police in Chaozhou to investigate the incident.
Tesla stated that police are currently looking for a third-party appraisal agency to determine the truth behind the accident. We will provide any assistance necessary.”

China is Tesla’s second largest market. The shocking crash was also a top topic on Twitter-like Weibo on Sunday.
Traffic cops in Chaozhou claimed that the cause of this collision was still unknown.
According to local police, the possibility of Tesla owner driving under the influence drugs and alcohol has been ruled out.
Zhan, a family member of the driver, claimed that he had a problem with his brake pedal as he pulled over in front of his family’s store.

Zhan said Zhan was unable to park the car by pressing the brakes, and that he couldn’t stop it by pressing the parking button.
Tesla claimed that Tesla’s videos showed that the brake lights weren’t on when Tesla was speeding.
According to the company, data shows that the vehicle was not attempting to brake during its journey.
According to the firm’s data, it was shown that the driver briefly pressed the parking button four more times and that the brake light was quickly turned off. 
Tesla has been accused in China of having brake problems before.
One case involved a Chinese car owner who was ordered by a court for apologies and compensation.
The court ruled that Tesla’s statements to the media about brakes issues were inconsistent and had damaged Tesla’s reputation.
Last year, a furious client climbed on top of a Tesla at Shanghai’s car show to protest Tesla’s handling her complaints about the malfunctioning brakes that were involved in a crash.
Tesla claimed that Tesla was speeding in her crash, but it promised to improve its customer service.
In the past, self-driving cars were involved in several fatal crashes.
At least three Tesla drivers were killed using autopilot mode in 2016
Gao Yaning, a driver in northeastern Chinese province Hebei, was killed when his Tesla collided with a road sweeper using autopilot.
A Tesla driver was sentenced to trial in May for manslaughter following the deaths of two people in a December 2019 collision in Gardena.
According to police, the Model S car was in autopilot when it left a highway, ran a red signal, and crashed into a Honda at 74.9 mph.
Last December, another Tesla Model S collided into the back of a bus, injuring many people in Newport Beach.
Three people were also killed in the same town when a brand-new Tesla S crashed into a building site in May.
In 2018, one of Uber’s Volvo test cars struck and killed a woman crossing the road in Arizona.
Footage allegedly showed that the car, which was in “autonomous” mode, had time to brake prior to impact.
A year earlier Uber had pulled its test fleet from the roads after another car ended up on its side.
In August this year, a BMW test car fitted with “self-steering” tech veered into oncoming traffic in Germany in August, killing one person and seriously injuring nine.

Police say the all-electric BMW iX, which had four adults and a child, veered out of its lane and caused a terrible pile-up with three other vehicles.
Tesla states in owner’s manuals and on its website that autopilot and “full self-driving” are not fully autonomous and drivers must pay attention and be ready to take action at any time.
5The Tesla was destroyed by the Guangdong provincial crash on November 5Credit : Weibo

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